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Youth Studio Class

Whats included? charcoal pencils, paper, drawing board

What do they need? to sit in a chair for 1 hour, an eagerness to learn, strong desire to create art, the ability to relax while having fun, and a membership!

This class offers younger students a place to begin the study of drawing fundamentals, taking their first footsteps on the path to developing exceptional artistic skills. Students will develop patience, mental stamina, quality control and the critical thinking necessary to progress as an artist. We begin with charcoal exercises that introduce students to working with value - we create with value, not line. When a student shows that they can follow the steps to working with value we start applying them to fun drawings - we have a library of images for students to work with until they're ready to venture on to their own designs. From there they will learn to draw observation (Just like the adults!) When a young student shows they understand the process of life drawing, has a desire to further their skills and can sit still for 2.5 hours they're welcomed to move into the Teen & Adult class where they will begin to work in oil paint.